Monday, February 29, 2016

Parking rate at Sunway Pyramid

Some of my friends like to know about parking rate at Sunway Pyramid.

Here's some info to share as I have ask Sunway Pyramid as well as sometime I didn't snap the photo of the machine where we pay the parking fee.

Monday to Friday

1st 3 hours RM1
Every sub hour or part thereof RM1
Maximum RM12

Sat, Sun, Eve of Public Holiday
1st 2 hours RM3
Every sub hour or part thereof RM1
Maximum RM15

My friend plan to go Sunway Hot Spring in Ipoh but coach is at Sunway Lagoon to depart. That's why we wonder how much would it cost to park overnight. Seem the mall didn't encourage shopper to do so. What to do? As from message from facebook with Sunway Pyramid.

It is advisable you head to security and inform the security and discuss issue on let the car overnight and how much will be the charges. Carpark office is located at CP3, near the entrance of car park.

Anyway my friend drop the interest in parking at the mall for overnight.

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