Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#MydinMoment Total Prizes worth RM16K

‪#‎MydinMoment‬ Worth RM16K!
STARTING THIS MAY! Win RM16000 just by posting a photo of yourself! All you need to do....
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Step 3) Share the best photo of yours at MYDIN either:
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Step 4) MYDIN shopping voucher worth RM100 awaits 15 weekly winners, which will be chosen based on several criteria* and they will announce it via online
(*Most Likes, most shared, most favourite, and most comments received)
Step 5) THREE (3) most attractive #MydinMoment photos will stand a chance to win grand prizes worth RM10k.
Wait no more!! Share your pictures now and shower your May with RM16K!!
Contest starts 1 May, 2014.
#MydinMoment Bernilai RM16K!
MULAI BULAN MEI INI! Kongsi gambar menarik anda dan menangi RM16,000! Anda hanya perlu….
Langkah 1) Tangkap foto yang menggambarkan anda dan MYDIN. Sertakan dengan kapsyen/keterangan (tidak melebihi 15 patah perkataan) termasuk hashtag #MydinMoment dan @MydinMalaysia
Langkah 2) Klik ‘Like’ pada page rasmi kami di Facebook (@Mydin Mohamed Holdings Bhd) atau jadi salah seorang Follower kami di Twitter dan Instagram (@MydinMalaysia)
Langkah 3) Kongsikan foto menarik anda di MYDIN, sama ada melalui Facebook/Twitter/Instagram – kapsyen, termasuk hashtag #MydinMoment DAN tag @MydinMalaysia
Langkah 4) Baucar membeli-belah menanti 15 pemenang mingguan yang akan dipilih berdasarkan beberapa kriteria* dan pengumuman pemenang akan dibuat melalui laman sosial kami
(*Paling banyak Like, dikongsi, digemari, dan paling banyak komen diterima)
Langkah 5) TIGA (3) gambar #MydinMoment yag paling menarik berpeluang memenangi hadiah utama bernilai RM10k.
Jom kongsi gambar menarik anda dan menang besar untuk bulan Mei ini!
*Pertandingan bermula 1 Mei 2014!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Indulge TGV Grand Opening in 1 Utama

It was a fun night with my friend, we enjoy ourselves at the Indulge TGV Grand Opening. Yup there's now luxury cinema in TGV Cinemas. I only have been to IMAX and Beanie TGV but not Indulge, but this grand opening I am so happy I get to experience it.

It's wonderful night I bring home lots of good memories though I didn't win any lucky draws. They have two lucky draws the final was 11pm, yeah we waited for that but we don't have any luck.

But we have never forget the happy faces on everyone's face at the event.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Guess Blogger Award 2014 Contest

Who loves contest? Better check out Guess Blogger Award 2014 yeah only for blogger to take part.

This is your chance to shine, if you are Guess denim lovers. Try your luck bloggers, you never know..

Registration ends 30th April 2014 so hurry!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Shopping for my kids

My kids are my precious so I shop for things for my loved ones, above are the products of Johnson's Baby.

You can check on my post on Johnson's Baby Of The Year 2014 contest for more details.

My toddler not in the picture as he's sleeping in sarong. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Given past month magazine in goodie bag

It's not my first time to attend a fashion show, I attended lingerie show before. But it was my first time to receive a past month magazine in goodie bag. I mean it's April month and ain't we suppose getting April month of magazine?

No kidding check out the magazine given by XIXILI 10th Anniversary. XIXILI is a not cheap brand but why are they not think about readers feeling?

I guess everyone getting same magazine in their goodie bag.

Anyway the event stated 6.45pm onwards, but fashion show started after 8pm.

I enjoy the fashion night, yeah a night with my friends. Above cute designs of bras of XIXILI at Midvalley near centre court there.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Fashion Hues 2014

How's your day? I am going out soon and hope that you are free to give me a vote at Fashion Hues 2014. Yeah it is facebook connection needed to vote my pic.

Unsure which pic is me, check out my side bar for my picture.

Thank you.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Fashion of the day

I have so much fun at the Guardian Makeover, so here's my picture, click on the link to see. If you like it, hope you can give me a vote too. It's the picture I am using for contest too.

Anyway, just for fun but need 50 votes for a picture.

No harm trying in contest, though last contest I get enough vote but sadly not creative enough to win the contest.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Are you going to use your voucher?

It is quite a personal question, someone walked up to me. First saying that she didn't know what to purchase with her voucher, next question she ask if I am going to use my voucher. Whether I am going to use or not, it is really up to me.

Have any of your friends ever comes up to you asking you that do asking if you want the voucher? If yes, you just give her the voucher to use on spot?

I wonder if she goes around asking for vouchers. 

Not just voucher, people that you have seen before though you don't know her. She would also comes up to you asking for stamps. The stamps collection to purchase a towel for lowest price! One lucky lady, collected her 40 stamps on spot. She has full stamps now, she can redeem the towel at lowest price. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kindergarten fee for 3 yr old toddler

I check asked about kindergarten fee for my son who is turning 3 this June. I plan to sign him up year end of school holiday, let him get use to it.

RM300 Fee frm 8.45 to 11.45 am. Books n special fee plus insurance Rm800 per yr. Registration is on FOC. You may need 2 sets of uniform Rm56.

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