Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby clothes from RM1 onwards@F.O.S warehouse sale

I am not kidding I seen it and I believe it, I didn't buy any of the RM1 because my baby boy is bigger now so I purchase bigger size for him which cost RM3 each, you can see picture above the green and red long sleeve shirts.

I have purchased RM5 checker pants, it is L size I saw other size XXL size way too big! My dear does not like checker pant even though he is plus size so I no purchase anything for him.

The lorry unloading boxes, I am sure more clothes will be available! Maybe the last day 8 July will be cheaper? I don't know, I am thinking if I need to make a second purchase there. :D

Everything you see in the picture cost me total of RM53, I tell you I am satisfied!

How about you?

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cute baby clothes

This is Fashion of the day, and today my baby William is the star.

I am still looking lucky guesser for the clothes I purchased for him.

You could take a closer look here.

This Saturday he going to wear Doraemon clothes that my sister-in-law purchased for him.

My baby likes pacifier it soothes him down.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Eyeko fat balm

I love cosmetics and you looking at Eyeko london. :D

I don't see Eyeko having this product anymore.

I purchased them online and they are all the way from UK.

I found them in my closet hehe... I am using one of the fat balm it is Strawberry Fat Balm.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Biore UV Aqua Rich review

I am sure you heard so much of this product, I am loving it. Believe it or not I finished this sample I received and I purchase the full size tube to use. I purchase from Watson it cost less than RM28, yay I am so happy thinking if I want to purchase another tube.
Above picture of me after using the product, the Biore UV Aqua Rich suitable for my skin. It goes smooth on my face and I don't feel sticky or tight. I wore this at least thrice a day, yes you read it correctly. I need to apply this before going for evening walk.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NYC red shoes

I love this pair of red shoes, so comfortable. This pair of NYC shoes I purchased RM29.90 only. It is from the Jusco member sales at Sunway Pyramid two years ago. I am happy this shoes still in good shape.

I wore this pair of shoes to a beauty event at Midvalley earlier this month. I am still looking for sandals because my current sandals in bad shape.

This Saturday I maybe visit my monk sis at Klang Temple.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Red shoes and pink nail polish

I purchased this pair of shoes from NYC and I love it. This pair of shoes I purchased during members day sale at Jusco aka AEON. This pair of red shoes my favourite I am loving it. :D

I love this dress it fits me very well, frankly speaking I seldom wear long dress and it is my first time to wear it. I am so happy I am not clumsy that day I scare of falling down or step on my own dress. I love this plus size dress that I purchased online. I saw the exact same dress selling at RM79.90 at one of the shops in Subang Parade.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peacock earrings

I am loving this earring, it is peacock earrings as you can see. I purchased from The SUMMIT USJ shopping mall at USJ Subang Jaya. The shop is belong to Chinese owner, you can easily see it.

I have got another pair of peacock earrings but its more heavy than this pair. I see peacock is a trend fashion now, many woman choose this to wear.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lulur Giveaway

I love giveaway and I love have healthy beautiful skin. Do you know that there is way to do spa at home? Yes you are reading it correctly, I now nowadays many working moms and ladies working long hours. They barely have time to go for beauty spa. Lulur is very good because it gives you beautiful, clean and healthy skin.

They have got several types of lulur sets namely
  1. Lulur Rempah + Gel Mandian Zaitun
  2. Lulur Kacang Hijau + Gel Mandian Susu
  3. Lulur Biji Kopi + Gel Mandian Santan Kelapa
  4. Lulur Garam Susu Kambing
Each lulur set provides differently types of benefits to the skin.
Set 1 Lulur Rempah + Gel Mandian Zaitun have ingredients of buah zaitun gives skin moisture and it is rich with Vitamin C and E which help menganjalkan skin, soften and whiten skin, it also help to get rid of kudis scars, itchiness and scar.

Set 2 Lulur Kacang Hijau + Gel Mandian Susu have ingredients of green beans which contains of vitamin A, B1, C and mineral. It help to reduce the body temperature and soften the skin, shrink the pores and tighten the skin. The Gel mandian susu, susu is milk proven in scientifik that it contains component in lamb milk gives human many benefits compare to cow milk and other type of milk. One of the benefits are it contains of asid capric & caprylic that mencegah kesan jangkitan kulat. This asid help in sistem pertahanan badan. The milk contains of high Bio-Organic Sodium, its recognize in naturaphotic treatment as elemen anti-penuaan.

Set 3 Lulur Biji Kopi + Gel Mandian Santan Kelapa
The lulur bijian kopi contains of anti-oksidan which is high gives body refreshing, soft, whitening, and get rid of black marks in between thigh and release stress.
The gel mandian santan kelapa is natural without any chemical, it terminates the dead skin cell, meransang keanjalan kulit and gives moisture. It contain of asid laurik which merangsang pertumbuhan collagen inside skin and help skin prevent jangkitan kuman.

Set 4 Lulur Garam Susu Kambing is good to treat skin white sel which gives problems because of miniral contains in salt milk which able to treat skin condition such as kudis, itchiness because of sensitive towards the envionment that is dirty or insect bites. It helps to treat dead skin cell, soften the skin, reduce toksin, gives blood circulation and reduce unpleasant body odour.

You may find many detail of the lulur set from

Now about the lulur giveaway, you may click the picture above to find out. There will be three lucky winners for this giveaway.
I am tagging three friends, they are

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