Thursday, March 28, 2013

Nichii storewide discount and cash back!

I received this sms even though I am not using any UOB Lady's card. NICHII, Enjoy 15% storewide discount and 15% cash back when you spend with UOB Lady's card. T&C Apply.


Tuesday, March 26, 2013

SS15 terrace hourse sold RM700K

No kidding, this is info I gets from my friend. Her next door is on sale and just sold for RM700K. She told me her parents-in-law bought the house RM200K ten years ago.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Where to buy pageant dress?

My friends are looking to purchase pageant dresses, they don't know where to purchase. I told them to visit this website for sugar pageant dresses, I am sure they love the dresses they see. I visited this website and find it user friendly and easy to browse. I love all the beautiful pageant dresses for girls.

You can take your time to browse the sugar pageant dresses with your girls. I know girls love dresses and they do like their best friend to have same dresses like them. My friend is going to celebrate her girl's birthday and held a party at her home. I am sure she likes to present her daughter beautiful dress.

They are many choices on dresses; you can choose either long dresses or short dresses. Some girls would prefer short dress because they worry they be clumsy and fall wearing the long dress. They have variety of colours on the dresses; take your time to pick the suitable colour. They provide free ground shipping with orders over $250, for detail you can visit the website.

Everything you need for girls can find in this website. Look at the pretty dresses above picture, they comes in three colours, pink, white and blue. What's your favourite colour when comes to dresses?

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Freebies for my followers!

If you love freebies, you can check out my other blog. I have two more items to giveaway it is number 3 and 4.

There's a picture in post you can check out. Don't just read here, click on the link for detail.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Restaurant two way radio

When you dine a restaurant you don't want to see any waiter or waitress shouting to another waiter which is far away. Restaurant two way radios are useful for people who run the restaurant. It is like walkie talkie that suitable for staff in the restaurant to use, you just need to clip it to a belt or a stick it in an apron pocket, add an earpiece/microphone you are ready! Staff in the restaurant will be connected from the back to the back of the house, there is no more running about in the restaurant.

They are many types of Restaurant two way radios to choose from this website, I find that the website is user friendly and easy to browse. The brands available on this website are Motorola and Kenwood.

Talking of the Restaurant two way radios check out the RDU2080d. The RDU2080d provides eight separate two-way radio channels. Some big restaurants with two running floors will find this useful for them. They don't have to run about to update each other, with the suitable two way radios employees and employer will have better way to communicate.

If you are running a restaurant industry, you can visit this website for detail on two way radio.

Shopping for tool cabinets

My friend has interest to shop for tool cabinets; they are interested to check out the website for tool cabinets. When comes to workstation you need to know what type of tool cabinets you need. I find the website user friendly and easy to browse. I like to shop by price which depends on my budget. You can check out this website for types of tool boxes available.

I know when comes to shopping, you will need to find the price and brands. Take a look at their website they have brands like Extreme Tools, Gladiator, Montezuma, and Waterloo roller cabinets. Your workstation will be a place that you like to feel at home, you don't want your things to be around the place. Nobody likes to work under a messy situation, choose your suitable tool cabinet for your workstation now.

What do you think of this cute pink drawer cabinet? Talking of tool cabinets, I know my friend who needs tool cabinet he is always looking for his tools and he forgotten where he puts them. I know he will needs to shop on budget and best of all, this website provides the free shipping. I will ask him to check out the website for details.

Friday, March 8, 2013

My FM DJ, MEI YAN in Sasa Setia City Mall today!!!

First of all here's a post to share with you on how I help the abused women and their children.

Meet My FM DJ, MEI YAN, up-close and personal today at Sa Sa Setia City Mall at 3.00pm – 4.00pm and stand a chance to win Sa Sa gifts. Share the happiness of Sa Sa 35th Anniversary to all your lovely friends and family!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shopping for purple top, love the blings!

Happy day for me I able to purchase purple top you see in the picture above. I didn't bought the pants, it is like orange colour even though RM20 only but it's not quite suitable for me. The purple cost less than RM40.
The plus size top is XXL, yeah I tried L size and I find it not quite suitable for me there is no XL size available. Anyway the XXL fits me perfectly I love it.
There is sale in Parkson and find this beautiful top for myself, I saw other brand there even though XL size but once I tried I know it's not for my body!

Being mommy of two now, unlike years back I am 28 inch waist only. Now I am 36 or 37 inch waist.


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