Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Super Save in First Subang Mall

Do you know that Super Save is now in First Subang Mall. The parking in First Subang Mall is quite costly, so it's better you have a quick shopping inside.

Chinese New Year soon I saw many items selling in Super Save mostly from China. If you like decorative lantern/tanglung check out the Super Save.

I don't plan to purchase any, I am making my very own this year just like last year. Simple! :D


Thursday, December 26, 2013

Black dress for sale

I am having this black dress for sale, it is new. I am saving money for packing Ang Pao.

Selling this black dress RM150 inclusive of postage Pos Laju. Payment using Maybank or Public Bank.

Only one piece! Goods sold not returnable or exchangeable!!

If you like to view more email me at sherrygo at Hotmail dot com

The back is zipper to zip up the beautiful dress!

Material is stretchable.


Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Chrismas & Happy New Year

Just a fast post on wishing fellow readers and visitors of my blog a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Time fly, yeah they are so fast that I can't believe it's few days away from 2014.

We know it, 2nd Jan my son starts schooling for standard 2 in primary school. Another exciting adventure and challenge year for both of us! Why both of us? I need to guide him and teach him myself as tuition fee costly! :(

Don't forget I have another son to be going kindergarten in year 2015. More money will need to spend, the Kindergarten fee $380-$450 a month! That's crazy for a three year old child, I don't know how much for four year old child.

Life is full of challenge, we'll get through it together going through the good time and bad time. :D

Cherish every moment with your loved ones, money can never purchase time. :D

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Shopping handbags in Mydin USJ

Two days ago I bring my son to shopping in Mydin USJ, his holiday classes ends today. Parent need to contribute snacks or food to party. I decided to shop at Mydin because I miss shopping at this mall. I love the mall there's so many food to choose from.

I also purchase a pair of Mickey Mouse white shoes RM20 for son, yeah school is opening soon just two weeks away. I don't have interest to purchase school bag, I have enough school bag for him. As for white shirt mom-in-law purchased three but they are in dear's home town. Only problem, not yet sew the school badge on the white shirt school uniform.

My friend of mine just told me that she shopping in another mall which cost her RM400. She bought six sets of white shirts and two pants for each her son, she purchase Ben 10 white shoes at RM24 instead of RM30. She said there is free gift of school bag if purchase RM200. Just for your info she purchased from Parkson at Subang Parade.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

WTS Sunway Lagoon All Park Admission Adult Ticket

Just for your information next month is Chinese New Year, I am not prepare for it yet. That's why now I am hoping to see off the tickets in hand. I have three snow white and seven dwarfs musical ticket vouchers, let go RM150 for three of them. Read more click above link!

There's more than just Chinese New Year, son's start his standard two and not yet purchase new set of uniforms for him. He needs to try his white shoes if they do not fit him anymore, need purchase new shoes.

Okay back to Sunway Lagoon All Park Admission Adult Ticket. I am selling them for RM200 for three tickets. I have one of them which is expiring this month.

Money is always a concern, I would say money is not everything. But face it in life, if we don't have money how we are going to pay the bills and expenses. Food don't fall from sky!

Anyway just trying my luck see if I can sell the tickets. If can't I might just use them.

Forgot to mention selling method is COD, location in Subang Jaya.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Friends forever or just for a moment

My blogging interest is because of my love, I have my interest to blog and sharing things I love and care. Somehow this is one way of expressing my feelings.

There was time that a blogger friend told me that, oh there's event there. Is it over, is the goodie bag is available?! I told her No, it's no longer available. Guess what's her reply?! She has no interest to go the event then because there's nothing for her. I still go because it's not about goodie bag, it's about a promise you have make whether you can make it or not. It's proper way to inform the organizer, not just let them wait or giving hope to them.

Sometimes friend will just pm you and ask is there's any event?


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