Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Other Side Of The Door movie review

It's a wonderful day for me as morning after sending son for kids public speaking at TTDI. Then I have breakfast with Kylie , she mommy of 3 beautiful kids. Her kids too take part in kids public speaking. I saw many parents with kids have same interest to attend.

Because of traffic jam I didn't want to go back home so decided to U turn back to One Utama shopping center. The shopping mall just 5 min away from the Johan Speaking Academy.

Spoiler alert!!
Then I have movie date alone to watch horror movie of The Other Side Of The Door. The movie ticket is RM20 for adult, the movie hall is LUXE. Though they have RM8 movie ticket before 12noon but no movie suitable for me.

This is a sad movie to watch, just to let you know because my heart felt so sad after watching this movie. Its about a young mom lost her son in a tragic car accident. It's horrible moment that she has to choose between two children of her own. Who can she choose?

The death of her son named Oliver, she never have a good night sleep after the accident. Her maid Pipi told her of an ancient temple that she can bring back her son to talk to him for the last time! It's important that she been warn that no to open the door!

When someone's dead, you can never bring back their soul. It will never be the same person as the soul because it has turn evil.

The balance of life and death, in this world is depressing, you can never bring back the dead. Sad to say that though we thought the ending will be good in the movie but it wasn't it is just a beginning as her husband wanna see her! She knows of it that she shouldn't open the door but it was too late as she as not told that if open the door there will be tragic happened.

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