Saturday, November 30, 2013

What's in your goodie bag?

It is sad to know that some people think that you are going for the event because of the goodie bag. They even asked what do you get from the event you attended. Why they show interest to know of it?

So they think it's all about goodie bag?

Do you know that some event/launch attended they don't give you anything at all?! I mean nothing!

I only attend to event that I'm invited.

I am not like other that can attend event and grab their goodie bag then no need to write anything about it! Yeah nothing at all, not even a word on their social networks!

Talking of this, I met the curious lady again. She wants to know of bloggers how to earn money on blogs! Mm... she asked the wrong person, lol. I started to blog as hobby and interest and still I am doing that. If I could earn or make money with my blogs, I would be very happy.

Anyway I am earning only RM5 from Nuffnang, so still a long way to go.

I am housewife, so I am doing blogging as my interest and hobby.

Hamleys is bringing good news to Malaysians!

Above is Hamleys Teddy Bear
 For more pictures you can check out my shopping blog's post. I have more pictures in instagram sherrygo.
The finest toyshop in the world, Hamleys is bringing good news to Malaysians! The first flagship store will open its door to the public in One Utama on the 30th of November. For more than 250 years, Hamleys of London has been the Finest Toy Shop in the World, bringing magical experiences and joy to children of all ages.
Gudjon Reynisson is the Chief Executive of Hamleys the world famous toy retailer.  Gudjon held various retail positions in his native Iceland, most recently as CEO of convenience chain 10-11, where he affected the turnaround of the business by tripling profits, before moving to the UK with his family in 2008.

Gudjon took over the helm at Hamleys at the start of one of the toughest recessions in recent history.  At Hamleys he has delivered a similar success story, re-invigorating a business that was non-profit making and focused on the UK retail market.  Hamleys today is quite a different business, with stores in 12 markets and a successful growth strategy which has seen the Hamleys’s  turnover double and EBITDA profits more than triple and a strong team now focused on worldwide expansion.

In 2012 Gudjon led a successful sale of the Hamleys business to Ludendo, a privately owned French retail group, and is staying on as CEO leading the business on the next chapter of the worldwide expansion under new ownership.
Below picture, on the left is Mr. Gudjon Reynisson CEO of Hamleys the world famous toy retailer.
Above picture from left Mr. Ray Kyles -Acting British High Commissioner to Malaysia, Right -Mr. Gudjon Reynisson.


Above picture from Left to Right – Ms Noor Azlin and Mr Kim Manaf – Directors of GRV Toy Store Sdn Bhd
The local partner in Malaysia, GRV Toy Store Sdn Bhd aims to open at least 5 Hamleys toyshop in the next 5 years.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Do you like to watch movie? I know I do, this is awesome info for JB blogger. Don't forget it's only for The Butterfly Project- Beauty Bloggers
You can the chance to go cover the grand launch of the biggest IMAX THEATRE at TGV Cinemas, Aeon Tebrau City Shopping Centre, JB and watch the amazing 2nd installment of THE HOBBIT.
Your chance to win 4 passes which means you get to tag along 3 friends!
Click above link for detail.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Kitchen play set for children

I am sure everyone has got their favourite toy, my friend told me that her son's favourite toy is kitchen play set in kitchen. He bought the kitchen play set and put it near to her fridge. No kidding, he has so much fun playing the kitchen play set.

I don't know where she purchased the play set. As for my son, he has interest to play cooking too. However my dear asked him to follow him to kitchen to cook. No kidding, he learned cooking vegetables and fried noodles from his dad. Bravo!

Anyway a nice kitchen play set would cost RM100 less or more.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Done wrapping prizes for my winners

I love my blog followers and I am happy that I have finished warping the prizes for my winners.

I need to go post office for postage that's next thing to do.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

iCity, Shah Alam

After the Guardian walked, I am not sure if I am going back to iCity. Apparently I find the place is not user friendly for baby stroller, the lift were out of order. We not able to proceed to restaurant after the 3KM walk.

Parking in iCity is not cheap, RM10 per entrance to car park.

The exit shop in the water park, the owner of the shop does not like children touch their products. If you seriously going to buy, you may touch else don't touch it. Once broken consider sold!

My toddler was holding the water gun in hand, the owner came to me saying that please don't play with it. Your son might break it! So that mean, no handling of the toy even though you have the intention to purchase?! This just break your interest in shopping in the shop!


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