Thursday, March 6, 2008

Have you got bonus?

I am so happy to hear my friends getting their bonus. Well, its a bonus given by their company. There will be shopping and some will be spending on their expenses.

Whatever it is surely a good way to show their appreciation for their job. You have done a good job! You deserved a bonus. Well, it also depends on how many years you have worked for the company. If you are newly joined you can't expect too much.

Be happy with your job and be happy with what you have got now!

She loves gold

My friend is checking out white gold lately. She loves gold and she has been buying them. Well, I am sure everyone loves gold. The price of gold is going up. I think every woman loves accessories, this surely won their hearts.

Men too can now enjoy the same. A lot manufacturers are coming up with designed for men. I am sure it looks great on them too.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mommy looking for handbag

My mom is looking for a handbag and I have help her to find one but nothing there is not many choice available for her. She does not like them.

Luckily my sister has bought one that she loved. She really likes it and using it everyday. I have a handbag that I am not using for some time and I forgot where I put it.

Red sandal

I bought a red sandal the other day but I didn't like it very much even though the price is half of the Scholl brand. I still prefer Scholl but sad to say the designed non of it that I like it.

Still looking around though. Perhaps I need a custom made shoe but surely be expensive. How nice if someone would made a pair specially for me.

Jewelry by S

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