Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Dugrostar Roadshow Kota Bharu Mall, Kelantan

Saya sayang Mama 

Aktiviti-aktiviti menarik menanti anda sekeluarga di Dugrostar Roadshow Kota Bharu Mall, Kelantan, Concourse Ground Floor 
24-25 Oktober 2014 

Permainan Menyeronokkan 
Promosi Hebat 
Hadiah-hadiah Menarik 
Persembahan Dugrostar 
Acara Pentas & LEBIH LAGI!

Mark your calendar above, dont miss out chance for your kids to be Dugrostar!! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Monday surprise for me

I didn't know that son is on a school holiday this week I saw the school notice but I only read the part of replacement class and didn't notice of school holiday is a week start today. Today Sunway Pyramid mall having water disruption so most toilet are closed, some are open you can go infomation counter to ask.

Anyway I received two happy surprises today that I won instagram contest

Yeah I love contest and try my luck. Happy Monday to me.

I was at Sunway Pyramid today to collect my winning passes of Kristy movie from REDBOX.

Then I went to selfie with Deepavali's elephant. Yeah all I do is selfie with elephant and hashtag, there is info on the # if you go the mall.

There is contest in Sunway Pyramid.


When I reached home and I check my instagram there's message that I've won a prize. :D

Jewelry by S

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