Sunday, August 5, 2018

Shopee FLASH SALE.SoutheastAsia

I love bags and glad to show you that I have found an online shopping Shopee Malaysia, that's Shopee FLASH SALE SoutheastAsia .  This bag is Khaki color and this tassle hanging on bag is so cute.

This bag is spacious can put diaper bag, bottle and baby wipes. There's another zipper in the bag. This bag suitable for mommies too and this pattern is nice!

There's zipper on this bag, easy to use and I am going to present this bag to my mom-in-law. There's wedding dinner coming up soon and it would be nice for her to carry this along.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Instagram Contest changes of terms

This is sad as the instagram contest has changed of terms. I am talking of the Jungle Gym Playland. All sudden they change not only the age of kids but also saying that need to snap the photo at their outlet.

Really sad as my friends and me which participate thought we gonna win something but nothing! They have the poster of mom and daughter which are adults in the photo.. so my sister in law joined too as thinking she use photo of herself and her mom that maybe she has change to win and give the playland tickets to nephews to play. Sadly they change the terms that 15 years old for the child in photo with mom.

No wonder their contest not many that participated though have announcement the winners. Maybe they have changed of terms on previous contests.

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