Thursday, May 23, 2013

Shopping for beauty and health

I know I am plus size and put on weight, I bought myself Avon Intimates Zara nip and tuck shaper. It is XXL size I choose based on my figure.

It is black in colour, the sales is until this end of the month!

My waist 36" - 39" and my hip 45" - 48" so I am in XXL!

There is XXXL available, it is for waist 40" - 43" and hip 49" -52".

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Elegan three pieces dress for sales

You are looking elegant three pieces dress for sale, the black lace bottom dress has adjustable at both sides. It is beautiful dress but sad to say I cannot fit in, I bought them online and now I am selling them for RM30 with shipping in Malaysia.

Yeah you get the black bottom dress which you see above, the model are with the dress inside. Outside is red top, another is sleeveless top.

These items no longer available! :D

More detail of the items.

inner: Chest 38 Cloth 79 Outter red top: Shoulder Chest 59 Cloth 53

Do email me at sherrygo at Hotmail dot com if you have interest to purchase.

The clothing suitable for free size up to M size gal but not for me. :( I am plus size I thought I can fit in but I cannot. :(

Where is my bank account book?

Where is my bank account book? That's the question by one of the family member asking another. Yeah calling to ask and then both side of family searching for their account book. It is quite of last minute to search but lucky they find it. It is not at my place of course.

Anyway lesson learn don't simple put your bank account book, take note of where you place them.

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