Friday, August 3, 2012

Blue Micky Mouse blouse and giveaway!

I am loving this Mickey Mouse so much, it has two side pockets. I love the pockets they are deep and I can put my phone with tissue in the pocket. This Mickey Mouse blouse I shopped during sales and I love it so much, it is last piece and I grab it right away!

Being plus size I find not all blouse and shirts suitable for me, I am glad to find this plus size Mickey Mouse just for me!

Now don't forget check out my pink freebie giveaway!

My son loves Mickey Mouse too, the other day we head to Midvalley there is chance to win Mickey Mouse badge. So easy to win just select the most beautiful Mickey Mouse at the exhibition which done by the kindergarten, primary, secondary school students. My son and I each got two Mickey Mouse badges!

About the Mickey Mouse it was located at the highest floor of Midvalley, I believe the food court is now under renovation. I was there during the parenthood fair last month.

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