Friday, August 24, 2012

School holiday and Midvalley

Oh boy did I make a terrible mistake going to Midvalley at the wrong time and wrong hours? I was there p1 parking lot waited parking for two hours. No kidding so many cars and double parking, who is first to spot the car will get the spot! I can't wait for so long so double park a while and head to toilet. I left a note with my phone number on, yeah nobody call me.

Yesterday I head there for Ecoparadise, you may read Here click the link. Then night watch premier movie Katy Perry part of me with darling. He drove here too but manage find parking as he parked p2, he came in the evening almost eight pm.

I have to rest more today as busy me tomorrow head to sunway party and Sunday to one utama. What's your weekend plan?

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