Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Expendables 2

I deserve to win the offical "The Expendables 2" movie goodies because I love this action movie, it is line up with all the heroes I like namely Slyvester Stallone, Anorld Schwarzengger, Bruce Willis, Jet Li and Jen-Calude Van Damme. I have been watching these heroes in action movies for many years and still loving them.
Even my son loves the hero, his favourite is Arnold Schwarzennger. I love Arnold Schwarzengger lines which is "I'm back!". Who can forget Slyvester Stallone in Rambo, Bruce Willis in Die Hard, Jet Li good with Kung Fu. Jen-Calude Van Damme also good in fighting, loves his moves.

Look at me I show you how much I love the movie The Expendables 2, I playing with the toy gun! Here's my move with cowboy hat, and cap! Well you think I am alone having fun, you are wrong my son too want to join the fun. Here's few look he's wants to share!

Which picture you prefer? The one I edited or othe one not edit? Hehe...

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