Thursday, April 7, 2016

Blue Kinetic Sands from Toys R Us

It was a present for YS when his birthday he chosen to buy the Kinetic Sands from Toys R Us. Its very expensive in Malaysia, the sands cost over RM100. No kidding but glad that now his little brother WL is having good time to play with grandpa. Good time together as both play together with the sands to make something nice. They created a face, a robot, mermaid, and many more.

WL and YS often played together. It's Friday but YS is at tuition center at the moment he has classes until 6pm. Just find out from him that Science tuition teacher doesn't give any homeworks.

It's sad news from YS to get know his exam result on Science subject 28 marks, which mean he failed the test. He failed in Bahasa Cina, Chinese language two papers test also both 32 marks the papers! It's not easy as I saw the questions on the papers, mostly are subjective questions. There's no choice given and he needs to answer them by himself.

Tuition center I spending more than daycare. Two years YS went daycare RM400 each month for day care. But at tuition center RM250 , RM90 per month, and for BC RM480 a semester. (3 months). The fees which only spend on YS, as for WL kindergarten fee is RM430 monthly.

Kids education are not cheap, also the medical fee too. YS been waiting to purchase kinetic sands for a long time, finally it was sale and we bought it for him. Yeah even though it is sale the price still need to pay RM100 above, that's a lot of money.

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