Monday, April 18, 2016

Discovering Malaysia's Painted Heritage‏

Happy received an email that I am one of the selected to Discovering Malaysia's Painted Heritage.

Sad to say it falls on 30 April at 10am, I was told it can only plus 1 for the event. Though it is interesting event to attend. I give it up as the date is my busy day.

It will  be nice if my sons can take part in this, but I can only choose between one of them to join me as my plus one. It is tough decision as you need to choose between two.

So many events also happening on this day too.

To reiterate, attendees will be in a Batik making workshop c/o Textile Museum's Head, Miss Rosidha Abdullah. Plus, headdress making through the use of the Batik you made. It is a good opportunity to meet other bloggers and to network. 

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