Sunday, March 20, 2016

Parking at TTDI need pay the machine for ticket

It's my first time to go TTDI, it's last week school holidays that I let my son joined the Kids Public Speaking in English and Mandarin. I find it good for him, he has fear of going on stage, he also never try speaking in public before. It's small class in TTDI 15 pax to 18 pax of kids. Good time for him to experienced with his friends, yeah he didn't join alone he is so happy he friends also go there.

The TTDI parking machine you can use touch and go card for payment the parking. You'll need to press the car plate number on the machine. It's not easy to press the machine as the some of the numbers having problem to press! No kidding I need to go another machine to try. You can also use coins to pay for parking ticket. I used coins as I find it more convenient for me.

My friend told me that he saw one lady parking at the area pays about RM7 for that day. Well this place has Mamak stall and other restaurant to dine. I like the roti telur at the mamak stall near the Johan Speaking Academy.

Talking about dining, I saw a man parking his car outside a shop and he left his front car deck open wide. He didn't pay for any parking ticket, he dine at the restaurant that he parked outside the car. After dining there, he closed the deck of his car and left.

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