Friday, June 27, 2014

Goodie bag from luxury brand shop

I attended an event few days ago, it is related to luxury brand of bags and more. You can read up my post about this event by click on the link above. Though it is not about the goodie bag I attended the event, since many friends asking me about what is the goodie bag contained from this luxury brand given. I decided to share it here.

They have a deal on the bag on the day, 50% off the luxury bags.

They have sold items in shop which I didn't take any picture of it, I don't want to mislead my readers about it. Sold items which are reserved for their client to go collect in shop.

Yeah you can see that there's nothing much in the goodie bag except for bunch of brochure/catalog of non related to this brand of shop except for the 20% off of shopping discount at the luxury brand shop. There's a letter which offer for complimentary one service of as follow:

  1. signature facial
  2. bust treatment
  3. moxa treatment
  4. signature massage for an hour
  5. partial slimming
Sad to say I don't even think the letter is valid for use, there's no signature at the bottom of letter or company chop at all. It's a letter which anyone can just type it and show it at the outlet to ask for complimentary service. Oh well I am not going to use, hence we never know what's behind these deal.

Do you think such goodie bag given is even value for money?
The voucher of M2 World of Brands 20% off any regular price bag which is valid for in store only.
One offer per customer.
Cannot be combined with any other offer.
Valid through 31 July 2014.

Being a blogger we don't get pay for attending event, so you know that we do need to go the event on our own cost and everything. 

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5 little angels said...

It might be luxury bags but should have the same standard to the invited bloggers

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