Saturday, November 30, 2013

What's in your goodie bag?

It is sad to know that some people think that you are going for the event because of the goodie bag. They even asked what do you get from the event you attended. Why they show interest to know of it?

So they think it's all about goodie bag?

Do you know that some event/launch attended they don't give you anything at all?! I mean nothing!

I only attend to event that I'm invited.

I am not like other that can attend event and grab their goodie bag then no need to write anything about it! Yeah nothing at all, not even a word on their social networks!

Talking of this, I met the curious lady again. She wants to know of bloggers how to earn money on blogs! Mm... she asked the wrong person, lol. I started to blog as hobby and interest and still I am doing that. If I could earn or make money with my blogs, I would be very happy.

Anyway I am earning only RM5 from Nuffnang, so still a long way to go.

I am housewife, so I am doing blogging as my interest and hobby.

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