Saturday, December 14, 2013

WTS Sunway Lagoon All Park Admission Adult Ticket

Just for your information next month is Chinese New Year, I am not prepare for it yet. That's why now I am hoping to see off the tickets in hand. I have three snow white and seven dwarfs musical ticket vouchers, let go RM150 for three of them. Read more click above link!

There's more than just Chinese New Year, son's start his standard two and not yet purchase new set of uniforms for him. He needs to try his white shoes if they do not fit him anymore, need purchase new shoes.

Okay back to Sunway Lagoon All Park Admission Adult Ticket. I am selling them for RM200 for three tickets. I have one of them which is expiring this month.

Money is always a concern, I would say money is not everything. But face it in life, if we don't have money how we are going to pay the bills and expenses. Food don't fall from sky!

Anyway just trying my luck see if I can sell the tickets. If can't I might just use them.

Forgot to mention selling method is COD, location in Subang Jaya.

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