Saturday, January 26, 2013

Family day out@Midvalley

We head to Midvalley and you can see beautiful decoration there. I love the flowers and bamboo furnitures they are so beautiful. My sister-in-law purchased some bamboo sticks and a pot of bamboo. We saw the bicycle and the man selling stone sweet, yeah Chinese people always say ting ting tong! I didn't purchase any thinking last time we purchase and didn't even finish it. It is rock sweet and the man needs to use hammer and long nail to make them smaller pieces to sell.

They are performance in Midvalley, and we manage to see people playing the drums but I didn't get to snap any picture as I standing far away. Anyway because of the noise my son walks away from the area.

We hang out in Midvalley for few hours and didn't get to go over The Gardens. I bought the drinks from Starbucks as they are having buy 1 free 1 promo! Total of four drinks (two chocolates with cream, two mocha with cream) cost me around RM33.

It will be a good time to shop if you have the money.

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