Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Buy a proper TV stand for your TV!

Do you know that buying a proper TV stand matter? No kidding this morning I read news that the TV falls on the child and he died due to bleed on the head. It is sad to see such news, it happened before to other family. My heart hurt knowing children passed away due to this matter.

If you are having big chunky television, it is best to purchase a proper TV stand for support the TV. The TV falls on the child, one of the reasons the stand is not steady and it was not a proper TV stand but aquarium stand for the fish tank used for the TV?!

We know toddlers are active and we always need to be aware of them. This age they are active and exploring and curious on everything they touch and see. They will pull and even push, no kidding I have an active 19 months old here.

Parents please be aware of this, it could save a life. Now think of it, it is not just the TV stand but also the wiring of the TV and video recording if there is any.

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