Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Road accident caused a life at Kuantan

There is a road accident two days ago, my dear told me that his colleague have passed away. She is from another department and says that she is below 30 years old. It is sad to know this as she was on her way back to Selangor from Kuantan. Its a road accident, and everyone is sad about this, he saw a colleague sobbing in office and thought she was crying because get scold by the Bos. But it's not in fact she was a closed friend with her.

Talking of road accidents, recently I saw a youtube on new bumpers build on SS14 and SS18 Subang Jaya, it is scary as saw the cars get damage as they speed across the bumper. The bumper is not in stripes colour but in boxes colors. I am sure not many drivers will know there is a bumper ahead though there is a zebra line after the bumper.

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