Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New school trolley bag for son

I saw students using luggage bags as school trolley bag, though it is good idea but I don't think it is suitable for every child. It will be difficult to open the luggage bag in class due to spacing in class. The chairs and tables spacing are not big so children need to book their bag to take out the book will be tough.

I spotted affordable bag for my son, I check the zipper compartments and the wheels of the bag. I even test out if the school trolley bag is easy to pull along. He is using the school trolley bag since standard one in primary school. He's now standard two and books are getting heavier.

You can view the school trolley bag I bought for son in instagram sherrygo

My friend told me that next year he will need bigger school trolley bag. Yeah by then the price for the bigger school trolley bag will be more.

During my school days, I never use school trolley bag, I was using backpack and hand carry the extra bag for the books.

How about you? 

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