Sunday, February 9, 2014

Movie review: I, Frankenstein

Last Thursday I took bring son to watch I, Frankenstein. I waited the movie to be free listing to enjoy the free movie passes I won from Kelly.

The movie I, Frankenstein it is horror and thriller movie. Aaron Eckhart as Adam the Frankenstein created by Dr. Victor Frankenstein. He found out he's made of 8 bodies after reading the journal by the Dr. He killed the Dr's wife because he didn't fail to make him a partner. Adam's body has no soul, Prince Naberius has interest in him, as he wanted to create many more of him to put soul from hell.

The demon and angel in this movie are different from movie I have seen. It's my first time to see monster stone with wings are angels.

This movie is PG13, it's nice movie to watch if you like to watch how Frakenstein going to save his friend and Angels.

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