Saturday, June 8, 2013

Thank you boys

I am happy today, yeah because we can make it to the shopping mall Paradigm Mall for final. Yeah both boys of mine are one of the participants in Ocean Mania Contest and they have been chosen for finalist. :D

My sick baby didn't perform on stage because he's tired still having sort throat. Supposed he just there to enjoy his bro Sea dragon performance but somehow he has interest to join. No doubt just changed him there on spot and follow him run about. Tired baby just want to sleep when he's turn to go on stage.

However everyone in family feel like starting to get sick. Yeah fever in the house and son feel like to vomit. My dear having fever, and gassy stomach. Son too having gassy stomach, I guess he's too bloated.

My sister-in-law is healing he had headache, vomit and purging. Yesterday she started vomit after eat the half boiled egg and porridge.

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