Wednesday, April 1, 2009

PinayJade the Filipino Blogger in Singapore

Do you know who this pretty lady in the picture is? She is a Filipina Blogger living in Singapore with her hubby. Jade has got this makeover and she looks fantastic! If you think that you are feeling down, go try this out to see if the makeover will makes you as pretty as Jade! Jade is a blogger that I get to know from a contest that I taken part last year.

I can tell you that Jade blog's header has the best design, I really like the Singapore Marlin on the left and the Philippines Bus on the right. You can easily tell that there is Singapore and Philippines in between them? LOL

About Jade is what you I like you to read about to get to know Jade who can speak Dutch and pretending to know Spanish language too. Jade is Pinay at Heart! That is why she named her blog PinayJade!

Something I like to see is that Jade in Funky Maternity Fashion just like the celebrities. :) I will just have to wait for this day to come.

This is just my thought and my review about her blog. I am sure you have got yours to tell too. Feel free to share with me.

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