Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Life of a Filipina Blogger in Singapore

I love blogging and I am glad I found someone same interest as me. Who is the person? She is Jade, Jade is a Filipina Blogger living in Singapore with her hubby. Jade is Pinay at Heart, she can speak Dutch but not very well in Tagalog.

I am so happy to see Jade back in blogging, she was not away to design her dream home in Philippines. One of her posts caught my attention is the flea market in Singapore. Do you know that flea market is where you get to find precious things that you are looking for like antique, second handed stuff. There is a shopping mall here that held flea market during the weekends. I think if you interest of going to Singapore. You can head to Jade's blog where you can find things to do in Singapore.

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