Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Wisdom teeth extraction RM125

Two days ago on Sunday night I have feeling of wisdom teeth pain and 3am in the morning I woke up because of the pain. Yesterday is public holiday so there's no dentist open. Today I have early morning emailed to Joon dental that my kids and me often go the clinic. Sadly dentist is on leave til next Monday, I received her emailed reply.

So I have go no choice but go to another dentist. Fearing of dentist I seek advice from friends, Sean's exclassmates' mom and they give me some suggestions. One is SS19 while another is SS15. I chosen the lady dentist as I feel they are more gentle to man. It is SS19 My Dental downstair is Indian shop. Near to school Lick Hung but I didn't know so I have to waze to reach it as I didn't see it earlier.

1st the dentist told me if failed of extraction then would need to X ray and surgery to remove. X ray would cost RM100, while RM300 for the surgery of wisdom teeth remove. Just for removal the teeth is RM125 and with 4th time of injection, finally it has been remove and my left eye was indeed teary. At 3rd injection, she tried to remove but then maybe know that I feel the pain so 4th injection needed. Before me there's 2 ladies that wanna see dentist too. One is young lady that already have appointment, another is nun just like my sister. But unsure which society or temple she is from.

No kidding, well it is good to know that it is finally out from my mouth and cannot eat any food today. I also cannot take any hot drinks.

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