Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Waze - Be your own pilot!

This sound so fun and cool, imagine you are going to shopping and you got this Waze- Be your own pilot! I am using Waze mostly when I am going to destinations that I don't know.

Be your own pilot!
You can now be your own pilot and have the opportunity to simulate a 'pilot experience' with your very own jumbo plane to your destination! Yes, Waze has recently teamed up with Malaysian Airlines for this super cool feature for Wazers. 

Waze Malaysia’s Business Manager, Edward Ling said that this feature is a unique way to engage with Wazers to make their journey more entertaining. "This is one of the native ways in which a brand can engage with the public on a day-to-day basis".

Navigate your airbus!
This new feature is available on the App and can be accessed easily. All Wazers have to do is simply go to the settings icon > display & map > car on map and select the Malaysian Airlines plane icon and it’s all set.
There will also be special takeover advertisements that will ask Wazers if they would like to change their car icons into a MAS plane. This exciting feature is available in selected countries and will be within reach for a limited time only.

For a step-by-step guide on how to change into the plane, watch this video here. 

Stress-Free Drives!
This new feature allows Wazers to have fun with the App by personalising which vehicle is viewed on screen and getting to their destination while having a stress free drive.

Waze continues to provide fun and light-hearted features to delight drivers and make the driving experience less stressful.

Add-On Services!
Waze is the most reliable and user-friendly navigation App in the market. We here at Waze that the public’s convenience and security with very high regards and ensure the App and features are updated on a timely basis with the rapid change of technology and driving related issues on the rise. 
For more details visit: www.waze.com

Waze is the social navigation pioneer, leveraging mobile technology and a passionate global community to redefine expectations of today’s maps. Waze is home to the world’s largest network of drivers who work together daily to outsmart traffic and save time and money. The app consistently recommends the fastest routes based on real-time driving and data from millions of users. From traffic reroutes to low gas price alerts and relevant offers from favourite brands, Waze is one of the most comprehensive driving companions in the marketplace.

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