Sunday, March 26, 2017

Gift set ideas for homemaker

Cooking makes easy with the perfect starter kit, it is all organic mushroom you can see above left photo. Powder varieties as following:

  • Organic mushroom
  • organic amaranth
  • natural kombu
  • premium scallop
  • premium whitebait
  • premium anchovy
If making porridge for toddler or kids, can add these in for better taste. Kids will slow get to like to eat mushroom. They don't even know it unless you tell them it is mushroom powder.

Lillipili Cafe is just next to The Parenthood, you can easily spot this cafe as it is next to the toddler playroom of The Parenthood.
rootbeer float and kids eating spaghetti carbonara

Yummy meal for the day as I enjoy this and my kids have spaghetti cabonara. 

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