Saturday, August 27, 2016

Young & Fabulous 2016 movie review

Yesterday, exciting day for me as in the morning I get a called about 8.15 from 8TV. It's very nice movie, PG13. Spoiler alert!

If you like cosplay this movie is suitable for you. It's also related to parenting, Remember never called your child dump, the word dumb will be remembered by him forever. This is what happened in the movie, about the siblings and their mom. The mom is very sad as his eldest son wanted to be fashion designer, he also helped to design pretty costumes of cosplay.

Cosplay is very popular not only in Singapore but Malaysia too. The language in Mandarin, English and Hokkien mixture of three languages.

It's about follow your dream or let go of it, best to watch the movie yourself to know the details. It's amazing that we can see lecturer, lawyer and engineer or pilot being a cosplay. I like costumes of cosplay they are very beautiful.

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