Thursday, November 19, 2015

Events and Tuition

Now I have to choose if I can go for the events I am invited because my son have change tuition center. He's this year in a day care tuition center and I was told that this does not help him at all. Indeed, his grades fall badly except he loves English subject so much that the gained 98 marks in this.

I have tried teaching him myself but it's not that easy, next year standard 4 is getting tougher and harder. I know it's important to get him on right tuition center where there is real teacher to teach instead of SPM leavers. His current tuition place I was told that a few teachers came and left, they were SPM leavers and just waiting to go college.

The new tuition center is 5km away from my place. My friend says if weekday from school to go there would take 30 minutes.

Now thinking about school holiday, where to go? How about Genting Highland, this month there's special price for buffet lunch! After eat the buffet lunch can go to temple, it's nice place to go and there's turtles in pond that you can fee. Other than that, you can also go watch Magic Show! Click on the links to find out.

I think the temple is a nice place to visit, beside prayer, you can find many things interesting there. 10 Chamber of Hell, is awaiting you to find out over there.

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