Monday, August 3, 2015

RM80 to extract a tooth from child

So Saturday my son has complaining of toothache the week, decided to bring him to see dentist on Saturday as usual weekday he's having tuition and its important to go tuition as he knows he is weak in subjects.

There are two clinics available in Taipan USJ, I decided to bring him the usual dentist that we visited. She is friendly dentist and always explain on what's she is doing. She snap picture of son's tooth saying that is moving so only thing to do is remove the tooth. He scream for a while when dentist apply strawberry gel on his tooth to make him feel numb then injection him.

The dentist told me that shall wait til he is 12 yrs or 13 yrs old to know condition of his teeth. As now seeing this gum has no space for new teeth.

Son is quite worry that he'll need braces. We'll see about that..

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