Friday, January 9, 2015

Discoveria Discovery by Dinosaurs tickets giveaway

It's fun time, yeah spotted this giveaway as you can win tickets to Discoveria Discovery by Dinosaurs. Owner of the blog is having tickets giveaway for Discovery Discovery by Dinosaurs, do click on the link above for details.

I took part, only ten family packages tickets to giveaway. Lets join together and win a trip together to go there. Get start with your plan now, time is precious, you can't purchase time with money.

Hurry click on the link above to take part. The Discoveria Discovery by Dinosaurs is inside the mall.
The mall is Avenue K, KL. I like this shopping mall, it's located in KL convenient to go by Putra Lrt. I fall in love going there because I can shop in Daiso and many more outlets. Window shopping is good too, we don't always have to spend on everything we saw. We purchase what we need, so I know my friends who are parents love to shop there too for fashion clothing, makeup products and dining there.

I remembered my boys having fun time in play Discoveria Discovery by Dinosuar, they didn't want to go home. They loves dinosaurs, my sons have dinosaurs toys and they often play fighting of dinosaurs toys together. It's bonding time for brotherhood. This is their childhood, and our parenthood because we get to spend precious time with them. It's about how much time you spend with them, you know that weekends are best time as parents are not working. Spend your hours with them, family events are important!

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Kylie wenn said...

Thanks for sharing about the giveaway!~

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