Sunday, November 2, 2014

Tired feet on Sunday

It's been a busy week for me, yeah having pending posts to do. I started having thigh pain on Friday after the Halloween contest event at IDCC Mall, Shah Alam. It is my 3 yr old that joined the contest. He won consolation prize.

Today is the day where dear and son plus me headed to SJMC Subang Jaya for the 3km fun run. I have signed up for us earlier last month. I am glad we managed to complete the 3km fun run, oh well we prefer to walk than run.

Dear too having his feet pain but we just walk to walk instead of run. We enjoy the freshness in the morning though a bit of rain didn't stop us from the walk. If it it is heavy rain we are sure that we gonna turn around and go back.

Before that we head to Sunway Pyramid for the Dugrostar. It's nice to watch the participants aged 3 yr to 6 yr old. The gals are well dressed and pretty!

Both my thigh still hurt so I have cancel to attend event for tomorrow. Yesterday night I followed son around the Citta Mall for treat or trick, its a big mall so we have to go through all levels. I am glad he enjoy the night though he didn't win the Halloween Contest. The contest not open to 3 yr old, so toddler stay at home with sis-in-law and nephew.

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