Saturday, April 5, 2014

Are you going to use your voucher?

It is quite a personal question, someone walked up to me. First saying that she didn't know what to purchase with her voucher, next question she ask if I am going to use my voucher. Whether I am going to use or not, it is really up to me.

Have any of your friends ever comes up to you asking you that do asking if you want the voucher? If yes, you just give her the voucher to use on spot?

I wonder if she goes around asking for vouchers. 

Not just voucher, people that you have seen before though you don't know her. She would also comes up to you asking for stamps. The stamps collection to purchase a towel for lowest price! One lucky lady, collected her 40 stamps on spot. She has full stamps now, she can redeem the towel at lowest price. 

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