Saturday, February 23, 2013

Shopping@Mydin for loved ones

I have a wonderful time being alone to shop for my loved ones, I choose to shop for people I love. Yes I love myself too and I bought a sling bag for myself today, it is two in one style bag which I can use as sling bag or shoulder bag. I am satisfied with this bag, I almost purchase another which is batick wrapped bag but I find it may not be suitable for me. Being a mom, I need bigger bag for putting things belong to my kids.

I bought my sil a green shirt with big apple bling on it. I could tell she loves this, I saw others but I don't think she likes the material. The green colour shirt with letter apple on it cost RM19.90. The toddler set wear for my youngest boy is the most expensive clothing I bought, it is nearly RM28. But I am happy with it because it comes with single, pants and shirt. For my eldest boy, a set of power ranger clothes!

I love the bag so much, it looks like candy bar because of the colour stripe. You can check out my instagram at sherrygo for the photos.

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