Friday, June 29, 2012

Baby clothes from RM1 onwards@F.O.S warehouse sale

I am not kidding I seen it and I believe it, I didn't buy any of the RM1 because my baby boy is bigger now so I purchase bigger size for him which cost RM3 each, you can see picture above the green and red long sleeve shirts.

I have purchased RM5 checker pants, it is L size I saw other size XXL size way too big! My dear does not like checker pant even though he is plus size so I no purchase anything for him.

The lorry unloading boxes, I am sure more clothes will be available! Maybe the last day 8 July will be cheaper? I don't know, I am thinking if I need to make a second purchase there. :D

Everything you see in the picture cost me total of RM53, I tell you I am satisfied!

How about you?

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