Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Free parking@Sunway Pyramid

I am so happy that we received the free parking at Sunway Pyramid on last Sunday. They were management staff standing at the entrace machine to give out the My Favourite Mall 2011-2012 Sunway Pyramid inside contain the parking ticket. The free parking only available on last Saturday and Sunday each day is for 2000 cars only. It is so limited that I can see ther is no longer free parking ticket available as the management staff no longer giving the card.

We don't need to put the card in the paying machine, we just need to put in the check out machine at parking. We had a good time there, I have ice skating with my son. We didn't manage to buy baby gift for my friend maybe another day we go again.

I like parking car at Sunway Pyramid because there is green light above porch you can see which mean parking is available. If you see red light above porch mean it is longer available. So many parking spaces there I prefer to park at the top because I find at basement parking more crowded. Sometimes in the evening we unable to find parking at all and top parking is closed. We still need to pay even though we not manage find a parking there.

My advice if you going to Sunway Pyramid go there early to avoid disappointment. I like shopping there from time to time, even window shopping is good. Tell me if you have got your hands on the free parking at Sunway Pyramid last Saturday and Sunday.

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