Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hypermarket in Malaysia

I do not know if you have been to Hypermarket in Malaysia. I think whether the shoppers is educated or civic-minded there is something you do not know. The other day, went for shopping and I was pushing the trolley to the car park and loading the goods in the car. As the car is on other side the trolley cannot get near to my car. I have to take the shopping bags into the boot of my car. The trolley was still containing 20 cents of coin, a few years ago you had to put in $1 coin to get one at the hypermarket.

A car has reached another side of the parking lot and parking there. I was putting the shopping bags in my car and next thing I know the wealthy couple has taken away my trolley with 20 cents of coin in it. What a cheap sake! Driving a Mercedes to the hypermarket cannot even afford to go and take their own trolley? Even though my trolley is empty as I am loading the shopping bags in boot of the car. The couple never even bother to ask whether I still want the trolley or not.

Tell me if you have such experience or worst experience than mine. Yeah some shoppers will like to cut the queue. You have no idea that who is the one! I can tell you even old folks will just walk up to cut the queue, they just cannot wait! Oh sure, they are old I give way but how about adults?

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