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Improves irregular period, menstrual period


Everyone has got busy lifestyle, busy mom life and new norm lifestyle we got to care for ourselves too. Sharing is caring, ladies are you having your menstrual period regularly? Have you experienced any period pain during period? I have period pain on and off and sometimes the pain is unbearable. Sharing with you I have found the convenient pack of Bazhen Soup, that's Premium Bazhen Soup and Rose Bazhen Soup. Delicious healthy thick soup helps to improve irregular and painful menstruation, that is convenient to drink read on to find out more. Most people would know about this soup because it's good for health and it's common in Asia woman drink this.

Premium Bazhen Soup 浓缩特效八珍汤

  • Commonly known as Eight Treasures Tonic Soup / Pat Chan Tong.
  • Commonly used by females.

Angelica, Codonopsis, Ligusticum, Rehmannia,Paeonia Lactiflora, Atractylodes mactocephala, Red Jujube, Black Jujube.

Functions: Improves irregular and painful menstruation, improves blood and Qi deficiency (lack of Energy), improves complexion and shortness of breath, relief for cold hands and feet.

Convenient pack that you can have it 2 days 1 pack, 2 weeks course

Period Conditioning: Start to drink on the 3rd day of period, 1 week course.

Cooking Instructions

  1. Bring to boil and simmer for 5 minutes.
  2. Serve warm.​​​​​​​
  • 100% Natural and Authentic
  • Premium Quality Herbs
  • No Added Artificial Flavourings or Colourings
  • Easy to Cook
  • Packaged and Made in Malaysia​​​​​​​
 药材主要疗效 :









Rose Bazhen Soup 玫瑰八珍汤

Angelica, Codonopsis, Ligusticum, Rehmannia,Paeonia Lactiflora, Atractylodes mactocephala, Red Jujube, Black Jujube.

Special Formula: Add in rose pollen tastes better




You can purchase the Bazhen Soup of your choice at


 *You may seek advice from your doctor before taking the product. Product is suitable for me but may not be suitable for you.

Saturday, February 20, 2021

PERFECT BALANCED RANGE With Powerful Duo Prebiotic & Calamine

COSMODERM PERFECT BALANCED RANGE With Powerful Duo Prebiotic & Calamine. Promoting #SKINDEPENDENCE where it stands for “Break Free From Unhealthy Skin”, Cosmoderm has developed the right skincare range with Prebiotic that is proven benefits for the skin. What is Prebiotic? We have heard about Probiotic which is a good bacterium that can be found in human’s body and skin to ensure that human’s body and skin stay healthy. Like human being, these good bacterias (Probiotic) needs food to get healthy microbes back into balance. This food is called Prebiotic that: Balances skin’s microbiome to avoid skin redness while Improving skin’s surface protection and Ensuring the skin’s barrier is kept intact and healthy. Prebiotic can also improve in skin’s radiance and comfort due to restructuring, nourishing and soothing effect. 

The other ingredient that can be found in the new Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced is Calamine. Calamine Lotion is a mild astringent and antiseptic that helps: To relief the symptoms of skin redness, mild sunburn, skin itchiness and minor skin conditions and It is on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) List of Essential Medicines for being an effective and safe medication for health.

Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balanced Products: 

Step 1: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Foaming Cleanser 100ml

Step 2: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Toning Lotion 120ml

Step 3: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced Soothing WOW Cream 50ml 

Step 4: Cosmoderm Perfect Balanced SunMilk SPF25PA++ 50ml 

For best results, use all four products together to enjoy the effectiveness of:

Balance pH level

Combats Free Radical

Redness Calming



UV Protection

All four products from Cosmoderm Skin Lab Perfect Balance are dermatologically tested, suitable for all skin care type including sensitive skin and FREE from:

  • Paraben
  • Fragrance
  • Artificial Colorant

    For further information and latest promotions, please visit them at:

    Facebook: Cosmoderm

    Instagram: Cosmoderm


*products are suitable for me to use, and may not be suitable for you. For more details of the products you may check on their website.

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